Spider-Man Hero Inspiration

spiderdudeThis Spider-Man image was inspired by a good friend’s son who’s favorite comic hero is Spider-Man. As an active duty Marine my friend often finds himself on deployments around the world for months at a time. I thought it might be nice to illustrate a poster to boost his little one’s morale a bit.

Heroes in stories, comic books, and video games are sources that allow us as individuals to challenge our own understanding of who we are and how we see the world around us.  These fictional characters are infused with mores, strengths, and weaknesses that play out in dramatized situations.  These situations aren’t just for our entertainment, but I believe they can be viewed as sandbox simulations for us to consider our own values and daily lives in the much simpler and safe environment – our imagination. 

Heroes may be cornerstones in our collective conscious but I believe they inspire us to be real heroes.  The peace officer, the fire fighter, the warrior, the mother, and the best friend that swoops in with a call or text at just the right time are real heroes in our lives.   We may not all have super powers, but we do all have the power to make a superior impact on each others lives daily.

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