Getty Ville exploration of the Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

Getty Ville exploration of the

Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

A man happens upon a shallow pool and takes a moment to observe the glitter of scattered coins shimmering in reflections from the beneath rippling waters. The man takes the time to focus on one brilliant coin, and considers its travels. How much more immense must it be to consider the travels of a warrior’s helmet that is thousands of years old, than the ripples of a coin cast into a wishing well? Through observation, research, and personal interpretations of the antiquity of the Helmet of Chalcidian Shape, this piece will be analyzed for personal interest, historical context, and composition.

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Head of an Akkadian Ruler

Head of an Akkadian Ruler

The goal of this essay is to give the reader information to further their knowledge of the “Head of an Akkadian ruler” and evaluate the resource gathering process of utilizing only internet resources and the textbook Gardner’s Art Through the Ages. The Head of an Akkadian ruler is interesting to me for several reasons. I admire its astounding craftsmanship, its historic meaning, and the relation to prevalent and ironic events of today. Continue reading