Keyes Possibilities

This Spring, 2014 a few family member of mine dedicated themselves to be apart of a triathlon.  They decided to make motivational family Keyes Jerseys.  I was called into action in effort to make this a reality.


  keyesLogoJerseyDemo The keys’ esthetic was a bit on the ‘techy’ side, but I’d been deep into my game project when I designed them, so some of the content philosophy bled over.  The intent was to ensure that each key was interesting, being that they are blown up about tens times larger than an actual key would be.  I enjoyed the the challenge of making print quality interesting compositions out of enlarged every day objects. Though, the hurtle and real life issues made the project more of an obstacle than it should have, I did quite enjoy the result.

Being that the style easily could be something that could fit within the context of my science-fantasy platformer, Mecromage, I decided to try to use them as in game assets you’ll be able to interact with.  I’m always looking forward to unlocking doors to new possibilities, thanks to my family for being motivating and inspiring, never stop exploring new thresholds. 

Collectable Supplies Coupon

collectible_supplies_discount_04I’ve been privileges enough to do some work for Collectible Supplies from time to time.  This was a very fun and challenging coupon to design, but I feel like in the end the work paid off!  Still, I feel like I could have done a better job with the message text.


– Oct 2012 design


collectible_supplies_discount_138810  Updated design Oct 2013.  Cleaned up some fonts and removed the holiday theme.

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   – Oct 2012 design