WCR Art Feature: Pretty Hate Machine

Nothing shuts the Human army down quite like the Undead Dark Ranger. After so little attention in the past months, Human got a huge dose in the last couple weeks, and to that I say IMBA. Indeed friends, I heard the requests of a death coiling Death Knight, but alas I was uninspired. So for you my Undead legions, I give the Dark Ranger. She is a nightmare that some would daydream about, and she has style to burn. I never met a Dark Ranger replay I didn’t like, except when it’s me on the receiving end of that unholy bow. You can never be sure what will happen in a game that includes this chaotic hero.

Subject: Soulless, empty she walks the plane of the living. The shadowed remains of a noble Quel’Thalas Ranger driven by passionless, unrestrained hatred. Fueled by unquenchable loathing the Dark Ranger ignites the corpse of fallen enemies, forcing their restless remains to march among the living, a fate much the same as her own. Jealously they strive to consume that which they are void of. So intense is her abominate she disrupts all other known forces, effectively silencing the powerful magics of her enemies. When weak the Ranger wrath feeds upon the battle lusting rage of opposing warriors, inharmoniously extending her un-life. Writhing in the pinnacle of her spiteful power she may even decimate the will of her enemy, purging the soul while twisting their mind into an odium filled slave. This, is the Dark Ranger.

Time devoted to Feature: about ~ 30 hours

Reason: Can you think of a reason to NOT draw the Dark Ranger?? That, and bunny made me do it. ^^ j/k, thanks for the suggestion!

Name: Yes, indeed, I stole the title from the NIN album Pretty Hate Machine. She is pretty, but she is a soulless killing machine powered only by hate. I feel I had no choice, it was too perfect. ‘Head like a hole’ was like a testimony to what it must be like to be Undead, ‘Down in it’ seems to describe how Trent was above the world of the living and then was charmed into returning. In hindsight he remorses, rhyming about the loss of his former self. Sanctified is a seamless description of being under the power of the Dark Ranger… I could go on, but you get the point.

Next time: I want to be as interactive with the community as possible, so I am going to try something new. For the next Raihn’s Art of War I would like to have some friggin’ sweet replay submissions. I’m looking to maybe do an Orc picture next since I haven’t done one. So, let me throw out the challenge guidlines. I want to see the coolest Orc replay that includes a Tauren Chieftain as well as a tavern hero. Tavern hero or Tauren Chieftain first hero perferably. I know it’s tough, but that’s the point. If I get enough replays and it all works out, I will post the top 5 and have a shout out to the submitters. The top replay will determine the Feature Art. If this doesn’t work, then we will try something else next time. Please send replay submissions to Raihn@WCReplays.com

Thank you all for the positive support. Thanks again to all the staff for helping me bring some replays into this weeks feature. I would especially like to thank bunny for her dedication and for always being there to help me out. Please check out the new extras! And let me know what you think guys!

-God bless, Raihn

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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WCR Art Feature: Prestigious

Welcome to the second Art of War piece! Today we have a treat for the Human faithful, since we haven’t received any buffs in recent patches, we need something right? I truly hope that you enjoy the work. I told you all I wanted to give a little bit back to the community that has given me so much enjoyment the best way I know how. Despite some accusations, the work here is not to inflate my ego, or to pawn off mediocre works as masterpieces. I want to share and help the Warcraft community continue to be a leader in PC gaming excellence.

Subject: Priest of the Human Alliance

Time on Piece: about 25+ hours

Time on research: about 8+ hours

Reason: Each unit in the Human army, just as the other races that march the Warcraft battlegrounds, is diverse and powerful in its own right. Though, none, I believe are used so much with as little recognition. The Prestigious Priest is no glorified offensive champion, but perhaps should be among the most praised of units in the army of the Alliance. Indeed, all units are powerfull when fulfilling their niche, but what Human army does not benefit from the quite and consistent power of the Priest?

It is not possible to dispell the life giving blessing upon his fellow units, no Destroyer can drink their holy healing to benefit in the wrecking of more utter chaos. Whether it be mass Mortars, Rifles, or even the mighty and majestic Gryphon Riders, the Elven Priest has a place in the protected backlines of any successful general’s ranks. Through the cleverest of ambushes or full frontal attacks wrought of brute force, rest assured your troops will continue decimating the evils of the world for many days and nights with the life giving Priests at their side.

Name: Prestigious. I wanted the name of the work to honor the legacy of the clerics. They are important to have in any battle. Impressive at times, keeping mere Footmen alive against the brutish cleave of a Grunt’s many-notched axe. They should be recognized and celebrated as a prominent, esteemed, and game influencing entity of the Alliance.

I would like to thank bunny and the WCreplays.com staff for keeping me on for my second feature and for being supportive. It is also important to me to give thanks to all the masses who gave so many kind remarks and constructive criticism on my last piece, I appreciate every one, they keep me motivated. I hope that I have shown some improvement. It is my goal to never let your imaginations down. May blessings rain upon you as heavily as Dalar Dawnweaver’s mighty blizzards! ~Raihn~

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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WCR Art Feature: Get Down With the Cygnus

I am pleased to present to you all, the first ever, Raihn’s Art of War piece. A feature brought to you by none other than WCreplays.com. Lacking the APM and strategic mind of a Gosu, yet still wanting to give back to a community that has entertained me so long, I decided to employ my artistic abilities. The result is above.

Subject: Demon Hunter/Dread Lord

Time: 20 plus hours

Reason: Perhaps one of the most graceful, troubled, and deadly Heroes in WC3 is the Demon Hunter. Every player knows this brooding hero can take and dish out pain amongst the greatest of champions. Despite being the bane of my Archmage led HU army, I cannot dismiss the fluidity and passion to which the Demon Hunter focus’ his chaotic powers. This warrior walks in forever darkness, gliding through chaotic abyss, in selfless effort to save his people. No Hero deserves a little appreciation more than he.

Name: Down With The Sickness by Disturbed was the song of the day while I drew this picture, it seems fitting as the Demon Hunter’s own theme music. Also, I recall WCReplays’ Audio Commentator Mr.Cygnus was a fan of the Demon Hunter, so naming the work was an easy task.

Enjoy the work, check back soon, feel free to request work for the next feature!

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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