Street Level Gaming


Early 2012 Joshua and his friend known as ‘Kayfix’ brought together X-Com classic and live streaming for a fun and rewarding combination.  The project added a Steam community and ran shows every Monday and Tuesday for nearly half a year. 

Joshua was primarily responsible for updating graphics overlays while the class DOS based game was running.  The purpose of the overlays was to add at a glance situation information for anyone who might tune in.  At any given time a viewer can see how many of the XCOM team were still fighting, and how many had bitten the bullet.

After nearly defeating the Alien menace the show ended their first season. The duo plan to continue with season two of SLG when both content contributors can guarantee a consistent output of content for their fans.



3 thoughts on “Street Level Gaming”

  1. hey, sory to spam, but how the hell did you get to play co-op multiplayer of xcom!?!?! is the version of steam supporting it? what the hell I am missing? thx!

    1. There is no actual Co-Op feature, we share screens through skype and play the game by giving verbal directions no where are teams should go. When we are in the same room we can split the soldiers into two teams and pass the mouse around to each-other.

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