As a college student in 2006, Joshua Keyes was hired by DIP Enterprise INC as one of several graphics artists to produce art for a board game. The quality and integrity of his works were quickly recognized, leading to his promotion to Lead Art Designer where he oversaw all graphical development. Keyes also acted as advisor and contributor of concepts for the budding company.

Some of his works include designing the game board, board tiles, in-game supplies such as character pieces, play money, drawing cards, instructions booklet, and designing the packaging of the game.

The company also commissioned him to design a website for PC the Game, where Keyes spent countless hours illustrating and producing assets for it.

Keyes also took on the tasks of creating advertisements and products for PC the Game. He created print advertisements for magazines and flash advertisements to be used online. Moving beyond that, he also designed a bobble-head for the game as well as its packaging.

“This project challenged my ability to bridge styles of illustration and design, as well as pushed my knowledge of product development and software aptitude as I began designing the website and web based advertisements for the company,” Keyes said.

“Further, I became proficient in dealing with the business side of freelance and gained a great deal of insight in the business of merchandising.”


–          Website Layout

–          Logo

–          Characters

–          Play Money

–          Game Board

–          Board Tiles

–          Blue and Red Game Cards

–          Game Instructions

–          Game Product Box

–          BJ Clinton Bobble Head

– T Shirt Design

–          Advertisements (KFI Flash and Magazines Newsmax, Washington Post, Leather Neck)

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