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Concept work for Stage 9


I’ve been trying to finish up the basic thumb sketches for each of our now decided on 9 stages for the game.  I was the areas to be recognizable much like old school SNES and NES games were.  As soon as you saw a screen shot of any, even a super small one, you’d instantly know the area by the color pallet alone.  This is the feeling I’m striving for atm.

There are some story elements that are fairly well worked out, and that provides me with a starting point for the area.  This is an extremely rough draft, but its my day’s work and it does start to capture a bit of the feel that I am looking for in the Stage.

Heres a 2 min snap shot part of today’s work.

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Grubby vs Flash MLG Dallas Fall Results

The results are in…

grubby_vs_flash_results_raihn_bigAs sad as it is for me (I’m a huge icon_p_sm_thumb6nl_thumb1 Grubby fan) to state; icon_t_sm_thumb8kr_thumb1 Flash came away with a convincing victory at favicon_32_thumb18 MLG Dallas – Summer Championship . I had planned to finish out the sketch with a small/fun comic stripe to ‘illustrate’ (pun intended) the results. I hope next time we can see Grubby’s power unleashed! GG – Joshua ‘Raihn’ Keyes

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Grubby vs Flash MLG Dallas Cheerful

[HD 1280×720] [HD + 1920×1050]

I found out that icon_p_smnl Grubby will be squaring off vs icon_t_smkr Flash in the first casted match of favicon_32 MLG Dallas – Summer Championship happening tomorrow! The Warcraft 3 legend and Starcraft 2 titan squaring off inspired me to sketch up a little cheerful for them. I’m cheering for Grubby, of course but I wish the best of luck to both players. Somewhat selfishly I hope that it will be one of the most devastating spectacles of Terran mechanized battle bombardment thundering against the devote zen psi-shielding of the focused Protoss as they lighten the field with their searing storms.

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Grubby – How’s the Weather?

How’s the Weather Wallpaper – Full size link

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Keyes Beholding – SotN Grim Reaper

Speed Painting: Keyes Beholding–SotN Grim Reaper

As a fun exercise I decided to find a screen shot of one of the greatest 2d side scrolling games ever made, Castlevania SotN.  Eventually I’d like to create an entire HD remix of the screen shot as a fun wallpaper background.  For now, I’m going to try and go through piece by piece as a study.

keyes_beholding_sotn_grim_reaper_title   keyes_beholding_sotn_grim_reaper_withsig

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Monsieur Toad


 All for one, and one for all!  A fun little sketch I did today for a friend who’s online nick is Monsieur Toad.  Despite his colorful appearance and confident smirk, this little guy is not to be taken lightly!  He is bound by honor!

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Katelyn’s Cheerful


Cheerful I made to Cheer Katelyn! I wanted to print it and mail it with a letter, but my printer isn’t working very well. I put together a fun video of it as well, so Katelyn can watch. I hope you enjoy! Miss you Katelyn!

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