Monsieur Toad


 All for one, and one for all!  A fun little sketch I did today for a friend who’s online nick is Monsieur Toad.  Despite his colorful appearance and confident smirk, this little guy is not to be taken lightly!  He is bound by honor!

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Today’s Sketches

Drawing is fun!  today I decided to make a couple of cartoon like characters inspired by RTS gaming.  The first is a nerdy kid trying to be a blademaster.  He is very eager to begin leveling up, he has a long way to go though…

The second image is of the ‘PandaBearGuy” in a power suit of sorts.  Feel free to let me know what you think, and if you can think of some improvements!


Blademaster nerd in training


Powersuit Panda

Have a great day, and keep on drawing!

Cyber Reaper

Nerd Reaper

     A fun digital sketch exercise ran away from me as my mind raced as I envisioned the nerd reaper.  The gathering of digital souls is a large job, since Mario gamers have been plunging to there Deaths an uncountable number of times.

     Here stalks the key master and gate keeper of Death, frag fester, nub nuker, rage writher, respawn reaver, the Cyber Reaper.