Twitch Icon – Arbiter

  Resize     Redrawn    Chibi

I tackled what I thought was going to be a much more simple task.  Taking a Starcraft 1 arbiter and making a Twitch icon out of it for a well known Starcraft 2 player.  Being that the Starcraft assets where already quite small, I assumed that resizing it a little smaller wouldn’t be to bad an approach.

To be honest it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t satisfied with the muddy result, so I decided to do a rough redraw of the image to simplify it a bit, This was it stand out a bit more when sized down.

As a final pass I tried a Chibi version of the unit.  I find that doing chibi versions of characters and objects forces you to bring out the most important design choices that make the subject identifiable.  The result I felt comes across fairly well, but using it is a matter of taste.  Using Chibi assets in any design will push it toward a bit more of a cute esthetic.

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League Champ Select Overlay

A friend of mine, Eryn is an up and coming League of Legends caster.  He has been working daily to bring some eSports action to scene with his heated play by plays and intuitive analysis.  His casting chops far outweigh the production quality of the overlay he was using, so I decided I’d lend a hand in hopes of giving his casts the unique flavor they deserve.


It’s no dramatic departure from LoL themes, but its a fun and colorful overlay that I enjoyed putting together in a relatively small amount of time.  It would be fun to explore creating an out of game overlay and in game overlay as well. 

I enjoy supporting people that showcase not just talented, but exercise it in a constant attempt at improving themselves.  Keep up the awesome endeavors, Eryn.  

twitch_logo  ErynLoL

BaseTradeTV Reflection

Though I am mired in my current work, I find that it can be a good thing to take small breaks from the grind to reignite my passion for artistic work by tackling smaller more focused projects.  I enjoy doing overlay and eSports work for many reasons, but one of the them is that it utilizes a generally very simple concepts that can be deeply explored through creative problem solving and intelligent design.  This allows me to push aside a lot of the extra considerations that can weigh down exploration of design while I’m working on such a complicated project as my Indie game Mecromage.

An image to promote the crew of @BaseTradeTV

December of last year I had an encounter with a Starcraft 2 community stream on that I really enjoyed.  Their obvious passion and dedication purely to the community of gamers was inspiring.  I felt this could be a nice avenue that would allow me to stretch a little and focus on quick creative execution of some small projects.  I contacted BaseTradeTV and offered some graphics support for the channel, they accepted.

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IdrA Logo Reflection


About a year ago I had the pleasure of working with Greg ‘IrdA’ Fields on his solo brand logo.  He was one of the most responsive and engaging clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  The logo processes went smoothly. Though a bit on the long side, we both ensured IrdA was getting a logo that would hit all his key branding goals.

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Cheerful–Grubby Melting Face


Though I still am quite the nomad currently, I’m very happy to be able to take a moment of respite from time to time.  Today I’m thankful for my laptop, Wacom tablet, and being blessed with the opportunity to watch Grubby 2-0 incumbent Polt at Dreamhack 2013. Way to go Grubby, you’ve brightened yet another fan’s day!

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SC2Pro Stream Front

I was commissioned to do a budget web splash page.  The purpose -to have a stream front that fans can navigate to and see multiple streams simultaneously in action, from a given team or group.  The challenge – to create a design in three hours.  While I accomplished the initial three hours concept goal, I did spend another three refining some of the ideas. 


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