BaseTradeTV Reflection

Though I am mired in my current work, I find that it can be a good thing to take small breaks from the grind to reignite my passion for artistic work by tackling smaller more focused projects.  I enjoy doing overlay and eSports work for many reasons, but one of the them is that it utilizes a generally very simple concepts that can be deeply explored through creative problem solving and intelligent design.  This allows me to push aside a lot of the extra considerations that can weigh down exploration of design while I’m working on such a complicated project as my Indie game Mecromage.

An image to promote the crew of @BaseTradeTV

December of last year I had an encounter with a Starcraft 2 community stream on that I really enjoyed.  Their obvious passion and dedication purely to the community of gamers was inspiring.  I felt this could be a nice avenue that would allow me to stretch a little and focus on quick creative execution of some small projects.  I contacted BaseTradeTV and offered some graphics support for the channel, they accepted.

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Manner Plz

Manner Plz

This is a cartoon I created for Amnesty’s article, “Manner Wars,” on Click here to check out the original article.

2012.02.25 – I revisited this image because I have learned a lot since the time I first created it.  Namely, I learned a little about inking and coloring digitally.  I retouched the image with some better color and inks, and added the Manner plz so that the image could stand on its own without too terribly much explanation.

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